Thursday, August 8, 2013

how to organize a small room

So as I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I just moved into a new apartment. Although moving is tiring and intense, it's also a chance to start over in a new place and make it however you want. However, a problem arises when you realize you have so much stuff and not enough room for it all. Small spaces can get so cluttered easily, and I didn't know where to start. That's when I called my mom for help. She came down the Sunday after I moved in and helped me organize everything in a way that was both functional and uncluttered.

"Princess and the Pea."

Tip #1: Put little things in big things

In my bathroom, there are a lot of items than can run loose - bobby pins, hair bands, ponytail holders, bottles, brushes, etc. In order to contain all these items, bins are your best friend. Sort out different categories (small hair accessories, large hair accessories, beauty products, medicine, feminine hygiene, whatever) and put them into a larger container. This will save you so much room and hassle, and your space won't look so cluttered by all the little things.

And that white 9-cube shelving unit? Each of those black bins has more stuff in it. Bins are the best!

Bins on bins on bins

Even more bins


Tip #2: Stack, stack, stack

What my apartment lacks in horizontal space, it makes up for in vertical space. Those high ceilings are super great because it makes my room seem bigger than it is. And, it makes it easier to stack everything without feeling like it's towering over you. As you can see, I stacked my mattress on a box spring on a bed frame; my TV on a table on my desk; and black plastic crates on top of each other. This brings everything higher so the floor space seems bigger.

A word about those crates: this might be one of the best ideas my mom came up with. These crates were only $3.47 each at Walmart, can be interlocked one on top of another, and when you're ready to move, just grab one by the handles and pull it off. Voila! An easy way to stack and carry books in lieu of a bookcase.

Drawers under bed frame, box spring, then mattress.

TV on table on desk

Crates on crates on crates

Tip #3: Group like things

Whether it's by color, theme, or function, put things that are alike together to create consistency and cleanliness. Examples: I grouped all my lions into one section of my room, I used all black frames on my wall, and I grouped all my sorority stuff together (not pictured, can't give my affiliation away!). This helps organize the pretty things you want to display in a way that is pleasing to the eye.

Lions and light blue

All black frames tie the different pieces together

Tip #4: Get creative

Having a "Princess and the Pea" bed has proved difficult, and I've had to get creative (the reason by bed is so high is because the mattress that the apartment complex provided was crappy, so I brought in my mattress, which needed a box get the idea. What? I'm totally a princess). I stacked my TV on top of a small table in order to make it taller so I could see it while I was in bed. I put the tall lamp so I could easy access light. And I got a step stool for easy access.

Also, that white shelf in the closet was supposed to be my bedside table. When that didn't play out, my mom stuck it in the closet for more shelf space. When you get creative with your space, you can find ways to make it more functional while eliminating feeling trapped by your stuff.

Closet organization.

Needed a good way to store bobby pins. Magnet for the win!

More shower storage space

Tip #5: Keep it clean!

The hardest part of a small room is that if you don't consistently clean it, it WILL get messy and cluttered very easily! As Mad Eye Moody would say: CONSTANT VIGILANCE. You have to always be putting things away and picking up or else it'll get out of control at the drop of a hat. This is hard for me because I am extremely messy, but I'm willing to try it. 

Living in a smaller room has been a challenge because of how much stuff I have (#girlproblems). But I think I've come up with some good solutions to keeping things organized. Big thank you goes to my mom for helping me buy things, organize, and FaceTime decorate. I love you.

Ps: Here are more lovely pics of my room! I'm so proud of it!

I love my chevron bed!

My Texas wall art - Texas A&M, Fort Worth, sorority ;)

One of my favorite things! This little guy makes me so happy

Lovely bathroom. 

Wish I had more counter space...

Container Store buy. Love it.

No towel rack means over-the-door storage!


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  2. Hi there! I just wanted to say that magnet idea for your bobby pins is GENIUS. And I love those cube shelves you have next to your Wal-Mart crates: I have a 2x3 unit and it is the best organization piece I have ever purchased!

  3. Cute! I LOVE the chevron bread spread - I can't get enough stripes in my life! And that white cube unit looks so handy! Hah I might have to pick one up for myself now.