Monday, July 22, 2013

motivation monday

This Thursday, I will be starting the process of moving into my new apartment! I have been really excited/anxious about this for months, and it's finally here! I'm a huge planner, so not knowing any information about where in the complex I'm living, who my roommates will be, what kitchen things I need to buy, etc. has been really tough. But now things are starting to come together. 

One thing I'm still nervous about - meeting my new roommates! Will they like the same things I do? Will they be nice? Will they be clean? (Please let them be clean!) Then I found this great tidbit of motivation on Pinterest that made me feel better.

It's a nice reminder that meeting them is going to be a fresh start for all of us, and good things can come out of it. I can't wait to meet them on Thursday! Wish me luck!


  1. I get so nervous to meet new people and always worry about making new friends. It can be SO stressful! One thing I try to tell myself is everyone else is just as nervous as I am. It helps me a bit. Good luck on your move!

  2. Good luck on the move :)

    Make sure to set rules right away! And remember they're probably a little nervous too! :)

    AJ | TheAJMinute

  3. That picture is perfect and so true. Good luck with the move! I'll be crossing my fingers that your roomies are clean too! I'm living with three boys right now... I feel your pain.

  4. I totally understand this! I'm moving into my new apartment with 3 new roommates and I'm so nervous about it! But Pinterest is DEFINITELY the best pick-me-up out there ;)

  5. That is definitely a good lesson to take with you throughout life. It's funny to think back to my first recruitment experience and remember what it was like to meet my sisters and not know anything about them.