Sunday, February 3, 2013

meal of the week - chicken and mushrooms

I have come to realize that getting my boyfriend to pick a meal of any kind - whether fast food, a restaurant, type of food, or what to cook - is like pulling teeth. And then when I suggest things, he says no. What do you want? "I don't know." Well, how about this? "Ehh, I'm not really feeling that." Then you pick something. "No, you pick. You're the one with Pinterest." I can't win with this kid.

I decided to take his advice and consult the mecca of information that is Pinterest for some recipe ideas. I finally found a category on The Gracious Pantry called "Dude Food." Sounds promising, right? After some perusing, I found a main dish and a side that Brandon and I could agree on - lemon caper chicken and sautéed mushrooms. And the best part - it was all healthy!

I had kind of had a lousy day, and after a very stressful trip to HEB (SO MANY PEOPLE!), I was not in the mood to be cooking. Plus, after getting home, I once again realized that my boyfriend does not own measuring cups. None. So I would have to do all the measuring by eyeballing drinking glasses and soup spoons. Good grief (We fixed this problem the following day by taking a trip to Target). I worked on the chicken while he cut garlic cloves and sautéed the mushrooms. 

By this time I was ready to slit the throat of the next person who breathed wrong, which would fall on Brandon by default. But somehow, he always knows how to calm me down with a hug, and soon, I was feeling more relaxed. But still freakin' hungry.

Finally, everything was done! It was pretty easy to make, and the only hard-to-find/expensive item was the capers. We used regular mushrooms instead of portobello because, lesbireal, we're poor college kids and the portobellos wer twice as much. Brandon isn't a huge fan of "citrus chicken," so he wasn't big on the lemon chicken, and he doesn't get capers. Sigh. However, the mushrooms were UH-MAZING! He did such a good job on them (of course, he's a better cook than I am, too...). Overall, it was a pretty good meal. And once I was nice and full, I was much happier. :)

Much love,

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