Thursday, February 14, 2013

harlem shake

First, Happy Valentine's Day! Whether you're single or in a relationship, I hope your day is filled with love, hearts, chocolate, flowers, the colors pink, red, and white, and more chocolate. But enough about that.

Since y'all are freakin' obsessed with my cute puppies post...

If you don't know what the Harlem Shake is by now, you're doing it wrong. But just in's a weird YouTube trend that's going around. Basically, each video starts off with a lone dancer surrounded by people doing everyday things. While the others are sitting or talking, the lone dancer dances. Alone. Right. So that continues for about half the video (all of them are 30 seconds), and the music gradually builds. You know something is coming. You can feel it. Suddenly, the bass drops, and in the next scene, chaos ensues. All the normal people are wearing weird costumes and doing strange flailing dances and it looks like a nuclear crazy bomb went off and made all these people lose it. But some of the things these people do are literally hysterical - people humping walls, rolling on the ground in sleeping bags, acting like chimps on tables. It's ridiculous.

So for some reason, my fellow Aggies have ALL decided to recreate their own versions of this video. It started as a few friends doing it in their apartment, but now, every organization on campus is seemingly making a Harlem Shake video. When I was at work, a huge group of people, including baseball players and Yell Leaders, were recreating the video. I don't know what's with all this Harlem Shake fever, but I'm not disappointed - these videos are funny.

So now, friends, I invite you to unofficially vote for your favorite Harlem Shake remake. Note: these are just A&M recreations - there are too many other ones out there for us to vote between ALL of them.

Contestant #1: MAC Edition

Contestant #2: CS Edition

Contestant #3: SAIL Edition

Contestant #4 - Texas A&M Edition

Contestant #5 - Hullabaloo with 2 Edition

Contestant #6 - 5 for Yell Edition (the one I witnessed)

Wanna get involved in a Harlem Shake of your own? A big group of Aggies are getting together on February 24th at Kyle Field for an epic Harlem Shake (details here). If you go to A&M, you should totally come and participate!

Which Harlem Shake video is the best?
Voting ends next Thursday, and the winner gets...a nice comment on their video saying they won my poll. Yay them. Hope these videos make your day just a little bit more hysterical (especially if you're moping around because you're single on Valentine's Day. Stop it).

Much love,

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