Wednesday, January 29, 2014

22 before 22

So it's official - I'M 21! Yes, I turned 21 in October during my hiatus, but whatever. There is still LOTS of time left for me to be 21.

Kind of like a New Years Resolution list, this is a list of all the things I want to do before I turn 22. I have 9 months left, but I think I can get a lot of these things done.

1. Make a 3.0 (slash keep a 3.0)
2. Befriend a professor (who will one day write me a letter of recommendation)
3. Get my Aggie Ring
4. Become fluent in Spanish
5. Get a job I'm in love with

6. Go a month without buying anything but gas and groceries
7. Save up my money and buy something designer 

8. Eat tapas in Spain
9. Go on a Spring Break trip with friends

10. Break a bad habit
11. Lose 10 pounds (typical)
12. Try 21 new drinks (in honor of being 21)
13. Learn 5 recipes by heart (pasta doesn't count)
14. Eat chicken and waffles

15. Take more pictures
16. Write for an online magazine
17. Get a facial
18. Add 5 new pieces to my professional wardrobe
19. Learn a new, useful skill
20. Read 10 (new) books for pleasure
21. Be more positive
22. Show love to a stranger

Think I can do all of these in the next year? I hope so! 

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