Friday, August 2, 2013

friday fav: Lilly stickers

So I know about 90% of you have just started using their Lilly Pulitzer planners. Yay for you! I'm still using mine from last year until December comes and goes before getting a new one. It's great, huh? Know what would make it better? MORE STICKERS.

I love Lilly stickers, but they're so pretty that I don't want to use them. I wish there were more I could use for marking test days, philanthropy events, and hair appointments. That's why I am in lurve with the Lilly Pulitzer Greek and Academic Sticker Sets. They made my entire last year much better by helping me visualize when I have papers due, friends' birthdays, and sorority events. Plus, they're super adorable.

The Academic Sticker Set includes stickers for "Study," "Test," "Paper Due," and "Cram," as well as stickers for hair and nail appointments, birthday parties, visits home, vacations, etc. It also includes several sheets of large white letters so you can personalize your planner with your name or monogram.

The Greek Sticker Set includes stickers for "Recruitment," "Philanthropy," "Greek Week," "Big/Little," and "Derby Days," as well as similar stickers for various life events. It includes several sheets of large white GREEK letters so you can put your sorority's letters on it. How great is that?

The only bad news is that Lilly Pulitzer seems to have discontinued these stickers on their website. However, you can find them on various other sites, such as Lifeguard Press, See Jane Work, and ebay. Hopefully, Lilly will see how much people love these stickers and bring them back!

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  1. I LOVE my new planner - But I could always use more stickers! Thanks for the helpful hints1 :)