Thursday, July 11, 2013

living without my letters

When you sign up to be a Rho Gamma (aka Pi Chi, aka Recruitment Counselor), you sign away your letters for two months, from July 1st to the end of recruitment. This not only significantly reduced my wardrobe, but also took away water bottles, bags, and various lettered accessories. So what do I do? Go shopping to replace some of the things I'm not allowed to use for the next two months.

Water bottle

Canvas bag



I will miss my letters, but I'm glad to give them up in order to help Potential New Members find their homes in our Greek Community!


  1. Downside: no letters. Bright side: reason to go shopping.

    You'll love being a Rho Gam. At least you get all the cute Go Greek t-shirts?

    1. Any reason to go shopping is a good reason to go shopping. :) And yes! The Go Greek shirts are super cute this year. And, we just got an email with the colors and styles of our recruitment shirts. So excited!

  2. I'm selling things on Etsy, and I'd love if you would take a look at them! Thanks in advance. Share them if you love them!

    Greek love,

  3. I was a Pi Chi last year and it was really tough! But the best is SO yet to come! You'll LOVE being there for all the PNMs and the recruitment process as a recruitment counselor. I monogrammed everything when I was a Pi Chi. Etsy was my BEST FRIEND! I got a really cute navy and pink tote (my fave color combo) and my school does Pi Chi letters so I was covered there, and then I just stocked up on monogrammed tees!

    1. Yay! I'm super excited for it! It's been kinda tough - I had to pack away my letters in a suitcase so I won't wear them. But I'm really looking forward to the experience! I should definitely check out Etsy for some monogrammed stuff. Thanks for the tip! :)