Saturday, April 27, 2013

Target haul

The other day, I gave into weakness: I went shopping.

I know this isn't a deadly sin or anything, but I really enjoy shopping, almost a little too much. So going to Target with no plan and no budget is kind of a dangerous thing for me. But thankfully, I was really smart about my purchases and got some very versatile things.

Item 1: peplum shirt

I have been envying my sisters' peplum shirts for a while, so I was thrilled when I found a cute one on sale. While peplum shirts are a current trend that will eventually fade out, a white blouse will never go out of style! And this one is dressy enough for meeting and casual enough for date night.

Item 2: lace shirt

This is another top that is in style but still classic. Yes, it's also white, but I have a white shirt fetish, so whatever. White shirts go with everything, and this one is no exception. It can be dressed up or down and can even be worn with cowboy boots.

Item 3: light sweater

Although spring in Texas is coming to a close (already?), nights can still be cool. This sweater is soft and very light-weight, making it perfect to wear through the spring, summer, and fall. Pair it with shorts, jeans, sundresses, or skirts for a casual look.

Item 4: skinny jeans

Because I'm not a stick figure, I always thought skinny jeans were not for me - they sat low on my hips and flattened my butt and were either too long or too short. But then I tried on a pair of the mid-rise skinny jeans from Denizen for Target, and I'm convinced these are magic. They sit higher up and make my butt look awesome! Plus, even though they're stretchy, they're super comfortable. And in a not too light, not too dark wash, they will literally go with anything.

Although I spent more than I was expecting, I got some quality pieces that can be worn with many things in many different seasons and for many different occasions. This is super important for college sorority women, because we have to dress for class, meetings, dates, football games, and going out. Any piece of clothing that can be worn in three or four out of those five situations is a God-send. I'm very happy with my haul!

Much love,

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