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guest post - A Greek Concept

When I was approached week or so ago by a representative from A Greek Concept to write a guest post about recruitment clothes, I was like, "Of course!" Many of my lovely readers are planning on going Greek, so this is a great post about what to wear and not to wear. I definitely wish I had this guide when I was going through recruitment! If you're going through recruitment this spring or fall, be sure to read this awesome post. Also, be sure to check out A Greek Concept - they have a lot of really awesome sorority and fraternity stuff!

What to Wear and What Not to Wear to Sorority Recruitment/Bid Day

What you wear says a lot about who you are and what group you belong to. No other week in the year screams this reality as brightly as sorority recruitment! Whether Panhellenic recruitment falls in autumn, or your school is more of a spring fling kind of group, we’ve got the “musts” and the “please don’ts” for all you soon-to-be sorority sisters.

The singleliterallyabsolutelyhey, listen to me most important thing during the recruitment process is to be yourself. Although you’re attempting to fit into a historical lifestyle and a major values-based organization, the worst thing you can do to yourself and your dress is to not be yourself. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not – and likewise, don’t dress to play a part! Trust your instincts [which in sorority life really means, add your own personal flair to the set of guidelines laid out by the sororities].

With that out of the way, let’s get started! Before you enter recruitment it is vitally important that you check out your college’s website for the Panhellenic Association. The awareness you’ll gain from the website will save you from a lot of this:

Who wants that? Another way to figure out what specific requirements might be attached to your school’s recruitment week is to ask your recruitment counselor. Every potential new member (PNM) is assigned a recruitment counselor who has made the decision to temporarily step away from her sorority in order to help all the newbies [they’re really the best].

First Event Rundown – A MIXER or OPENING DAY:

Two “dos” –
Wear something you feel comfortable in because you will only show your nervous side if you’re not wearing something you love! It’s a casual night filled with lots of traveling walking, so don’t overextend your latest and greatest. We definitely recommend you don’t wear heels [unless you really like not feeling your feet much for the next couple of days]
Wear something that expresses your personality. This is initial “notice me” time. You don’t want to stick out like sore thumb, but you definitely want to let any potential chapter what you like to wear, and looking the most YOU!

A “don’t” –
Be very cautious in going against the rules! If your school says no denim or only black pants [hint: follow the rule!] it is of the upmost importance that you don’t break this just to stand out! Additionally [and on the record], casual does not mean ripped jeans. The only thing ripped jeans let’s them know is that you don’t look put together.

Second Set Events – SEEING THE HOUSES:

A “do” –
This is definitely a more than casual kind of day! You’ll want to make sure you’ve picked out some cute dress for this day. Whether it’s a sundress

or a sweater dress...

You can totally come up with something really stellar yet 100% within the rules.

A “don’t” –
Refrain from denim! Whether you just ordered the cutest pair of dark skinnies anyone has ever laid eyes on, or you have a light-wash denim romper… NOW is the time to wear a dress!


A “do” –
Wear a solid pair of shorts for fall recruiters OR a solid pair of pants for winter recruiters.

For this portion of the experience you’ll likely be given a t-shirt to wear and other fun recruitment gifts! Choose comfy flats and a very matchable pair of pants. You’ll be walking [again] to most of the houses, so make sure you are comfy!

Impression Night – MAKING IT LAST:

A “do” –
Dressy but not overdone is the theme of this night! You want to look put together, well thought out, and 100% ready to make an impression. Don’t let this night slip through your grasp.

A “don’t” –
Don’t be scandalous. That’s a pretty simple summary of what to avoid on this night in particular, but really for any sorority rush event. Never try to make a statement with a neckline or dress length. Stay classy, soon-to-be sorority sister!

The End of It All – DUN, DUN, DUNNNN…. BID DAY!

You’ve made it to the end, and now you’re ready to be chosen. If you’ve gotten this far you don’t need a “don’t” anymore. Instead – soak bid day in as you eagerly await to hear what house has chosen you in return. Wear denim [if association approved] or solid bottoms – your new home will give you a bid day shirt to welcome you in!
About the Author:
Amy Furrow is the owner of A Greek Concept an online retailer of licensed Greek merchandiseShe’s got drive, heart, and passion – something Greek life is all about. From Sorority picture frames, tote bags, and jewelry, as well as Fraternity coolers, glassware, and travel accessories; A Greek Concept is filled to the brim with options for every Sorority sister or Fraternity brother. 

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