Tuesday, January 14, 2014

being Naked

Ahhh, Naked 3. Urban Decay amazed me this year by releasing another highly coveted eyeshadow palette mere weeks before Christmas and giving retailers enough supply to meet the demand. After having the Naked palette for over a year and getting the Naked 2 palette over the Thanksgiving holidays, my mom and I went to Ulta and each got one (although mine was saved for Christmas).

A lot of people are apparently afraid of pink eyeshadows. Ummm, why? Pink (besides flesh tone) is the natural color of your face! When you work out or get trapped in the cold, your face doesn't turn green or purple or blue or black or brown - it turns freakin' pink. So why shouldn't pink look good on your eyelids as well as your cheeks? I don't know, maybe it's just me because my eyes are hazel and therefore work well with every color except blue. But seriously, pink is good! And one of the best new makeup trends is pink lids and cheeks working in perfect harmony.

Personally, I like all the colors offered in the palette. If you want a detailed analysis of the consistency of each color along with swatches, I highly suggest Brightest Bulb in the Box's post about it. I'm just too lazy to redo her experiment, so if it really matters to you, feel free to check it out. This is a really good palette for everyday color. Only the two colors on the far right are anywhere close to being dark, and I just use them sparingly in the corner of my crease. For my lid, my favorite colors are Burnout and Limit. For my crease, I go only a little darker with Nooner and Liar. If I want to make it more smokey, I add Mugshot to the outer corner. If I want something more shimmery, I add some Buzz or Trick. And then Strange goes in the inner corner and up by my brow.

My mom, who claims she is too old to wear shimmery colors, really likes this palette, too. Most of the colors are not too shimmery, so she can combine them with some matte colors and make it work. Overall, it's a really great palette if you're looking for an everyday flush of natural pink in your face. But now, how do all the Naked palettes stack up?

For me, Naked (1) is no longer my go-to. There are some really great colors in it, but the problem is, they don't all work TOGETHER. It's harder to mix and match all of them because the range is so different. But individually, I think the colors are great and can go with colors from other palettes. My favorites are Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked, Dark Horse, Toasted, and Hustle.

Naked 2 is the starlet of the four palettes. This is everyone's favorite. It's my favorite for going out because the colors are neutral but still glam. My favorites are Bootycall, Chopper, Tease, Suspect, YDK, and Busted.

I don't have Naked Basics, but my mom does. It's pretty boring to me - they're all matte colors. And what kind of bothers me about it is all the colors are light - there are only two even semi-dark colors - brown and black. Like, give me some depth, here! I won't invest in it - there's no need - but it's great if you're afraid of shimmer.

When it comes down to it, choosing a Naked palette is all about what you're looking for in your eyeshadow - do you only wear eyeshadow on the weekends when you're going out? Do you just need something basic to go with everything? Do you like color but need versatility? Asking these questions will help you choose which palette is best for you. Or you could be like me and just have all of them...

BONUS: Here are some good combo ideas I found on Pinterest using the different palettes.

Which Naked palette(s) do you own? Which are on your wishlist? 

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  1. I have the Naked 3...and I LOVE it! It makes putting makeup on so much fun!