Tuesday, May 28, 2013

sorority finds at Target

If you haven't noticed that I have a huge obsession with Target by now, you haven't been reading enough. But seriously, I love it. Today, I just went to see if they had a couple of things, and ended up perusing the entire store. I started my casual browsing at the front where the jewelry is, and as I was admiring all of the pretty baubles and bangles, I started noticing that animals are becoming a trend. And not just in jewelry, but all over.

As a sorority girl, and especially as a Rho Gamma, I tend to notice when other sororities' mascots are being represented, but much more when mine isn't, because mine is very rare. So I thought to myself, "Self, I wonder if I can find other sororities' symbols around Target." Thus began my scavenger hunt.

Now, I didn't find a representation for every sorority in the store today. But when I got home, I did try to fill in as many as I could by searching online at target.com.

Alpha Chi Omega

I couldn't find ANYTHING with lyres on it, so I found some pretty pearl jewelry (pearls are AXO's stone!)

AXO also started out as a music-based sorority, so these would be perfect for the music lover!

Alpha Delta Pi

Lions might be hard to find, but what you find is always so adorable!

Chi Omega 

Owls are literally everywhere, but I thought these were super cute!


I like this one a lot because it's 3 dolphins, just like it's 3 Deltas! (too cheesy?)

Delta Gamma

Anchors are another symbol that's super popular right now.

Delta Zeta

These are too precious!

Gamma Phi Beta

Kappa Alpha Theta

They're kinda kites...

Kappa Delta

Kappa Kappa Gamma

So cute, I might just get one for myself.

Pi Beta Phi


Zeta Tau Alpha

Other than the well-known crown, Zeta's symbol is a strawberry.

Although some of the sororities are better off at finding things to represent them (namely, Chi-Os), it's so fun when you finally find lions or turtles or arrows or whatever. I do feel bad for the sororities with barely anything, such as Alpha Chi, Gamma Phi, KD, and Theta, but when they do find things, I'm sure it's super special.

Oh, and if you hated these things/your sorority wasn't up there at all (I just did the ones at A&M), here are some bow chip-clips perfect for any sorority girl.

Presh, right? And only $1!

Let me know what y'all thought about these sorority-inspired Target finds!

Much love,

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  1. Who knew Target had all these sorority secretly represented, very cute!