Saturday, March 2, 2013

spring break guide: the perfect swimsuit

The other day, I was just browsing the web, looking for a new swimsuit for Spring Break, and I became increasingly overwhelmed as the process wore on. There are so many styles, colors, and patterns to choose from! There are more than just bikinis, tankinis, and one-pieces now – you can choose from bandeau tops, underwire tops, push-up tops, halter tops, French tops; string bottoms, bikini bottoms, hipster bottoms, brief bottoms; ruffles, stripes, ruching, chevron, polka dots, floral, fringe, embellished, leopard…the list goes on and on and on! When swimsuit shopping, you also have to take into account your body type – will this type of swimsuit look good on me, or should I go for a different style? This becomes extremely difficult when online shopping, because you can’t try before you buy. Here are some tips for successful online swimsuit shopping: 

1. Determine your style

Every girl is different, and therefore, every girl will want a different type of suit based on her comfort level. Some girls will bare all in a teeny string bikini, while others are more reserved and prefer a one-piece, and both are perfectly okay (in fact, one-pieces are coming in style again!). You should first determine how much skin you’re willing to show, and that will help narrow down your selections. 

2. Choose the best suit for your body type

This can be the trickiest part. There are so many options to choose from, even after you’ve narrowed down your style. But the selection process can be much easier if you know what styles flatter your body the best. 

If you’re athletic…

swim guide - athletic body

If you have a boyish or athletic body, you're going to want to go with things that not only flatter your figure, but also give it something extra. For bikinis, go with a halter top, which de-emphasizes your shoulders. Instead of a one-piece, which can make you look blocky, try a monokini - the cut-outs will define your curves. 

If you’re petite…

swim guide - petite body

If you're tiny, I'm guessing you're looking for some oomph! Wear a padded bra top, which will help the girls out, and string bikini bottoms, which will help give the illusion that your hips are wider than they actually may be. Stay away from bandeau tops and stripes - they will do nothing for your tiny figure but cut it off and shorten your torso. Ruffles will flatter on top and on bottom, and chevron is a great alternative to stripes because it elongates. 

If you have a tummy…

swim guide - body with tummy

If you have a little panchita, you definitely want something that'll hide it as best as possible. With a one-piece, always go for ruching - it really helps hide the wrong curves and emphasize the right ones. Two-pieces can be tricky, but never fear! Avoid itty bitty bikini bottoms that cut you off at or below the hip. Instead, look for "hipster" or "brief" bottoms.  If you wanna go retro, get bottoms that are high-waisted for a pin-up look, or a retro-inspired one-piece. If you love the bottoms but hate the top, try mixing-and-matching tops and bottoms. Also try a peplum, which will hide your pooch while still being feminine.   

If you’re top-heavy…

swim guide - top heavy

If you were gifted with an apple shape, your best bet is to try and take the focus off your top while still supporting your girls. Look for tops that have underwire and full cups for maximum support. For something a little different, try a bustier top, which comes down a little lower on your torso. Stay far, far away from tiny triangle tops! Compliment a solid-colored top with printed bottoms to even out proportions.  

If you’re bottom-heavy…

swim guide - pear shaped

If you are the other fruit (pear-shaped), you're going to want to do the opposite of the top-heavy girl. Draw attention to your upper half by going with a printed or fringed top and solid bottoms. The best bottoms to flatter your bodacious hips are fold-over bottoms or bottoms that are higher-cut on the legs to elongate them (not to be confused with high-waisted). I know your instincts are screaming to get a skirt or boyshorts to hide your bum, but don't do that! They'll just make it look bigger by cutting the line of your legs, making them look shorter. Fun patterns to compliment your body are polka dots. If you're going with a one-piece try color-blocking to add definition. But be careful - if the line is too low, it'll cut off your bottom half and make it look bigger!

If you’re curvy…

swim guide - curvy body

If you are an apple AND a pear (a papple? an aear?), you might think that one-pieces are it for you. WRONG. If you wanna bare (almost) all in a bikini, choose one that will give you adequate support on top and leg elongation on bottom. For the top, choose a halter with ample amounts of fabric to cover the girls and a thicker band to tie around your torso; or, if you feel more comfortable, choose a top with underwire and a plunging neckline. For the bottom, go with higher-cut bottoms. If you're still wanting to cover up in a one-piece, show of a little of what you got. Choose a one-piece in a bold, big print with a deep V neckline. This will elongate your torso and put the focus on your awesome curves.

3. Go shopping!

Now it's off to explore the depths of the internet to be lost for hours in its web of information. But where to start? First, if you saw a suit that you liked from my collages, they have links that will tell you exactly where to get them and how much they cost. Wow, that was easy. But if you want to venture out into the world on your own, I wish you well. Here is a list of my favorite places/brands to swimsuit shop (in alphabetical order, for your convenience):

Victoria's Secret

Now you're ready to hit the beach (or the poolside, if you're boring like I am)! Remember to apply lots of sunscreen throughout the day so you can safely work on that tan I know you're dying to start. And most importantly - the best way to look good in ANY swimsuit is to have confidence. No matter what your body type you have or what style of suit you chose, do what makes you feel comfortable, no matter what everyone else looks like or wears. If you do that, you'll have a blast this Spring Break!

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