Thursday, March 7, 2013

from little to big

This post is dedicated to my perfect, sweet, amazing Little - Maddy! Happy Birthday!

When joining a sorority, there are a lot of things to look forward to - cute lettered t-shirts, dozens of new friends, learning all the secrets, formal. But my favorite part about being in a sorority is definitely the Big/Little aspect of it.

I was always so excited to get a Big. I expected years of always being together and sharing experiences. However, the perfect Big for me was a senior when I joined, and I only got her for a year. We still keep in touch, but I always wonder what it would be like if she had stuck around a little longer.

So when it came time to pick a Little of my own, I decided I didn't want to do that to her. I wanted us to be super close for three years and give her everything I could and love her endlessly. I met my Little on the first day of recruitment (second party, I remember), and I was so ecstatic to be her "buddy" on Big Day. I remember some of our first conversations - she was adorable and sweet and we had common interests. I hate to sound too cliche, but there was something...there - something that made me sure she was my Little.

It can either be easy or difficult to secure a Little. For me, it was easy. I just made sure to always be the one she came to when she had a problem or wanted to hang out. It establishes a relationship, and when she chooses her Big, she'll choose the person she had the best connection with. For others, it can be like the freakin' Hunger Games. I have seen Little Wars ensue that would put Katniss and Peeta to shame. It's hard when your friends loves a new member and wants her as a Little but is unsure who she will pick because another girl is vying for her attention. It causes a lot of self-doubt sometimes.

But then you find out who your Little is, and all the worrying and stress ends up being worth it. And then the crafting begins! I'll admit it - I went a little crazy when I started crafting for my Little. I just wanted to give her the stereotypical "Reveal Basket" like the ones you see on Pinterest. I think I crafted for, like, a week and a half before I found out who my Little was. I didn't have to put quite so much effort in, but I really wanted to.

Finally, Chapter Retreat comes, which means Big/Little Reveal! I had everything ready - I had prepared an epic basket full of handcrafted goodies and spent all of the following afternoon making a killer box to "pop out of." And then...I got in a car accident on the way over. Nothing major...just two completely flat tires. I had gotten too close to a jagged storm drain while taking a turn and both tires on the right side of my car came out with gaping holes. Long story short (involving several phone calls, a sister with the same car as mine who had a spare tire, and a hot Venezuelan on a motorcycle), I got to Chapter Retreat late. I felt so disappointed - I had worked so hard to make everything perfect for her. But she was understanding, and we staged my pop-out out of the box for posterity's sake afterwards.

Then, my Little got a Little of her own (making her my Grand Little), and it definitely made me realize that I am getting so old. I'm already the matriarch of our Family, which means that soon, I'll have Great-Great-Grand Littles running around! But I'm so excited that my Family is expanding, and I could not be happier that I now have a beautiful Grand Little.

But I hope to always stay close to my Little. She is the little sister I never had, and I love her so much. She is silly and crazy and cute and smart and absolutely perfect for me. My mom says I treat her like a baby, but that's simply because she IS my baby (metaphorically, of course). I can't wait for all the time we have left together as Big and Little.

Much Love,

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  1. I'm, in LOVE with this one!!! Happy Birthday Madds <> <3